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13 marzo 2012
José Manuel Durão Barroso Presidente della Commissione europea a Ispra e Milano- Venerdì 16 e Sabato 17 marzo 2012
13 marzo 2012
Eurobarometro 76 – Rapporto nazionale Italia- Gli Italiani e l`Europa: crisi, sviluppo, informazione
8 marzo 2012
Ambiente: una migliore applicazione della normativa per ridurre i costi e migliorare l’ambiente
Time-scale of European integration
Institutions of the European Union

De Gasperi’s politics of alliances after the 18th April 1948

body Subject/contents: As a whole the 1948 general elections represented an exceptional turning point in Italian politics, with long-term effects. The results of the elections in which 42 parties or movements had participated with only 10 of these winning seats, thus consolidated De Gasperi’s centre party politics. The elections strengthened the role of the D.C. in the alliance; made both the Atlantic choice and the Europeanist policies possible with long-term results of fundamental importance regarding both foreign policies and home affairs. The 1948 elections also turned out to be decisive for the type of parties represented in the following years: The eight political formations – besides the Sudtiroler Volkspartei (South Tirol People’s Party) which had won significant results (MSI – neo Fascist Party, Monarchists, PLI – Italian Liberal Party, D.C. – Christian Democrats, PRI – Italian Republican Party, PSDI – Italian Socialist Democratic Party, PSI – Italian Socialist Party and the PCI – Italian Communist Party) would go on to influence Italian politics, the political struggle and parliamentary life for another 25 years, albeit with both ups and downs. “De Gasperi’s politics of alliances after the 18th of April” Cartoon taken from “the strip cartoon history of the D.C.” published in “La Discussione”, a. XXVII, 9th July 1979, n. 27. pg 26.